Cafe Delhi Banquet Hall
205 Mary St,
Carnegie, PA 15106

Date: Sunday, Jan 19, 2020

Time: 4:00 pm To 9:30 pm

Event Cost:

Blue Card Members: Free

Non-Blue Card:
Adults  : w/ rsvp $20 and w/o rsvp $25
Kids     : w/ rsvp $10 and w/o rsvp $15
Student: w/ rsvp $15 and w/o rsvp $20

Contact us:

Event Details: आनंद-मेळा ( Fun fair)

All of us have visited fairs, carnivals, Jatra (जत्रा) back home or even in the US. Such places are fun for all age groups with games, food, beverages, and new information.   Let us start our year by having fun!!!!

Anand Mela will be an event where kids, young adults, and adults (any Blue-card member) can set up their tables/stalls from any of the three following categories:

  1. Games: Anyone can come up with simple, fun games that can be played without much props, such as - threading a maximum number of needles in 2 minutes, or throwing a  ring around a  bottle, etc. (We have a lot of other ideas too.) If you want to participate but need help with games, we are more than happy to help.
  2. Food: This is a great opportunity to show off your culinary skills, pre-cooked delicacies, snacks, beverages that can be sold at a nominal price.

        Note: No actual cooking using electric or gas burners are permitted at the venue

  1. Art/Display/Information: If you are part of the robotics team or have created a great science project or want to display your art, or set up a face painting,  nail art, henna tables/stalls, this is your chance to showcase your talent.

Setting up a stall/booth/table is completely FREE for all blue card members!!

Kids age 9 and above are encouraged to set up game stalls with a team of their friends/parents for any of the above categories.

We understand that you may have some questions about this brand new event, we are here to help, suggest and clarify any questions that you may have.  

If you need any further information or clarification, please contact us at 

Please let us know your interest or table/stall idea by January 10, 2020, by sending us an email to


We look forward to have tons of entries in all of the three categories.