MMPGH Advertisements Policy

As per MMPGH policy, we will allow "For-Profit" 3rd Party program advertisements to be placed on MMPGH Sites (email, MMPGH web site) on a limited basis.

The MMPGH Board of Directors (BOD) will review the notices and then make a determination if the ad is to be placed on MMPGH Sites. The decision of the BOD is final and the BOD is not compelled to provide a reason for the non acceptance of any advertisement. MMPGH bears no responsibility for the program content or typographical errors and, unless otherwise noted, MMPGH will not be an active sponsor for the program. Any feedback or comments should be directed to the program owners/sponsors.

Please note that the art work and the wording of the advertisement is the responsibility of the vendor. The ad space is limited and the dimensions will need to conform to the guidelines of the MMPGH web site. The program content has to be relevant to the Maharashtrian Community of Greater Pittsburgh.

Once accepted, MMPGH will post to website page and issue a general email to the MMPGH membership ahead of the program. In general, MMPGH will not issue reminder or follow up emails regarding the program. The exception being if there is a significant change to the event itself (cancellations, change of venue or timing etc.).

All advertisements will be charged as per schedule listed below, payable to MMPGH (via check or PayPal). MMPGH inquiries should be directed to

Single Email     $50
Website     $50 per month / $500 for full year
Combination of the above     20% discount