Maharashtra Mandal activities are supported through annual memberships by its members. Your support and co-operation in this regard is very important to us. Your Blue Card membership helps the committee to better organize the cultural events for the community. It also gives the opportunity to participate in the noble social service cause in Maharashtra.

We encourage Marathi families is to become Blue Card Member and be active in the community events arranged by MMPGH.

With the Blue Card, members can attend most of the programs organized by Maharashtra Mandal free of cost.

Membership Packages Details:

Family (Couple and children 5 years of age and older)     $180
Family (Couple and children under 5 years of age)     $145
Student Couple     $70
Individual     $70
Individual Student     $40
Senior Single (65+)     $60
Senior Couple (65+)     $100

Kindly use following link to register yourself. Once registered you will be taken to payments page to make a payment

For new members, Click here to register